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100 Watt Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Pack Size: 1 Pack

100 Watt Ultrasonic Homogenizer



The OM100 Sonicator® is a small-scale ultrasonic processor with a big feature set. Features include pulse mode, timer, amplitude control, and a digital display of both wattage and joules.


The unit is effective for cell disruption, DNA/RNA shearing, homogenization and many other applications. The OM100 is ideal for small samples (up to 50 mL) and for customers that do not plan to scale up to larger volumes in the future. This model offers the same programming and display features as the OM500 unit.


The OM100 packs all the Sonicator quality into a small package. Just like all the Sonicators, it is manufactured in our ISO-9001 certified facility in the USA

  • Programmable Operation - Set time and amplitude for hands free operation
  • Pulse Mode - Prevent heat buildup in temperature sensitive samples
  • Digital Amplitude/Intensity Control - Output intensity can be set from 20-100 %
  • Elapsed Time Indicator - Displays duration of sonication
  • Display or Wattage or Joules - Real-time energy monitoring
  • Overload Protection - Prevents damage to circuitry if a fault occurs
  • Compact Design - Takes up less space than competitive units
  • Wide range of accessories including sound abatement chambers


Note:  Processing probes, stand assembly and accessories sold separately.

Ordering Information:  Unit includes power supply, converter, cables, wrench set and instruction manual.

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