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Bead Ruptor 96

The Ultimate in Homogenization Versatility

Bead Ruptor 96


Welcome the Bead Ruptor 96

The Ultimate in Homogenization Versatility


Ideal for: High-throughput, diverse applications including dry grinding of grains, particle size reduction, dissociation of plastics, plants, seeds, paper products, drugs, and cryo-milling for cannabis processing.

Throughput: Exceptional, capable of processing up to 384 samples per cycle.

Versatility Meets Unmatched Throughput.

The Bead Ruptor 96 epitomizes multipurpose homogenization, offering a blend of traditional milling and high-throughput capabilities.

Delivering Cryogenic, Well Plate and Tube Bead Beating solutions, this powerhouse is a comprehensive solution for a multitude of processing needs in a single, space-efficient unit.

Customized to Your Research

Whether you’re dissociating complex samples across 384 wells or undertaking delicate cryo-milling, the Bead Ruptor 96 stands ready. Its flexibility and adaptability ensure that your results are consistent and reliable whether you're working with grains, plastics, or sensitive biological materials.

Accelerate Your Throughput

Diverse Sample Processing: Choose from sealed jar milling to cryogenic and well plate homogenizing, all designed to streamline your workflow.


Cryo-Excellence: Our cryogenic capabilities are second to none, offering minimal liquid nitrogen requirements while maintaining sample integrity, especially for heat-sensitive analytes.


High-Impact Homogenization: Omni Bead Ruptors are the most powerful homogenizers in their class. A robust processing swath delivers the high-impact forces needed to break down even the most resilient samples.


Speedy Execution: A frequency of 30 Hz allows for rapid processing, reducing your wait time and increasing your productivity.


Digital Precision: State-of-the-art digital controls ensure that every cycle is reproducible, providing confidence in your results.

Designed for Every Application

Pharmaceutical Rigor: Precision milling meets the stringent demands of pharma applications, ensuring consistency in preparation and analysis.


Environmental Resilience: Tough environmental samples are processed efficiently, with the option for dry, wet, or cryogenic milling.


Cannabis Innovation: Stay ahead in the rapidly growing cannabis sector with tailored cryo-milling that preserves cannabinoids and terpenes.


Industrial Might: From textiles to ores, the Bead Ruptor Elite 96 brings industrial-grade processing to your benchtop.

Safety and Simplicity Integrated

User-Friendly Interface: The simplicity of our system means minimal training, allowing you to focus on what matters—your research.


Safety First: An integrated safety lid provides peace of mind, ensuring secure and safe operation throughout your processing.

Accelerate Your Research with Bead Ruptor 96

Make the leap to higher efficiency and refined precision with the Bead Ruptor 96. It's not just a homogenizer—it's your lab's new cornerstone for sample preparation.

Minimal Maintenance: The Omni Advantage

At Omni, we take pride in crafting our Bead Ruptor range with unparalleled attention to quality and durability. Each Bead Ruptor, manufactured right here in the United States, is built from the highest quality materials, ensuring not just superior performance but also longevity and reliability.


Our commitment to excellence means that our homogenizers require minimal maintenance, standing the test of time in the most demanding lab environments. When you choose an Omni Bead Ruptor, you're investing in a tool that's designed to last, delivering consistent, high-quality results with every use. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a product that's not just effective, but enduring.

Level Up Your Lab

Experience the power and flexibility of the Bead Ruptor 96. Discover how it can revolutionize your sample preparation and elevate your research outcomes.


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Precision. Throughput. Versatility. The Bead Ruptor 96 is your comprehensive solution for complex homogenization challenges.

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