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Providing unique sample prep solutions for the pursuit of scientific discovery

Who We Are

Omni International, Inc, with headquarters in Kennesaw Georgia, is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of laboratory homogenizers. Omni sets the industry standard with an unmatched commitment to outstanding product design, reliable performance and a uniquely diversified solution based product line.

Since 1956, the name Omni has been synonymous with laboratory homogenizers. Referenced in over 10,000 peer reviewed scientific articles, Omni International homogenizers can be found in laboratories worldwide and are counted on for years of trouble-free operation.

Omni products are designed and built in the United States under ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards.

Our Mission

Empower Scientists to Focus on Discovery and Innovation by Simplifying Sample Prep Workflows

Our Core Values

  • Innovate
  • Understand
  • Collaborate
  • Empower
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Sorvall Omni Mixer is introduced by Ivan Sorvall Corporation. Since 1956, with the debut of the Omni Mixer, the name Omni has been synonymous with laboratory homogenizers.


Sorvall sold to Dupont. Omni Mixer introduces industry’s first sealed homogenizing chamber, which utilize cutting blades inside aerosol contained chambers. Micro Homogenizing Attachment (MHA) is introduced for the Omni Mixer, allowing for micro samples processing in sealed vessels (5ml or smaller).


Dupont sells the Mixer line to Omni.


Omni creates:

  • First handheld homogenizers (Omni 2000 and Omni 5000)
  • First battery operated homogenizer Omni 1000
  • Omni addresses a need in PCR sample processing by launching the smallest probe in the industry; The 5mm diameter probe, which enables homogenizing to be done in micro tubes

The OMNI Tip, the first plastic generator probe is introduced. The Omni Tip allows scientist, for the first time, to process multiple samples and eliminate cross contamination during the homogenization process. Omni Logo


Omni Macro Homogenizer, a larger pilot plant version of the Omni Mixer, is introduced. The Omni Macro is used to help develop the first pneumonia vaccine.


Omni introduces the first Digital Programmable Homogenizer line


Omni introduces the Omni TH and Omni GLH line of homogenizers


Omni GLH + Omni Tips, along with other leading instruments, are used as part of a kit to help identify and eliminate the cause of BSE (Mad Cow) epidemic.


Omni Introduces hard tissue version of the Omni Tip disposable probe


Omni Introduces the 1st multi-sample homogenizer the Omni Prep Omni Logo


Omni launches Bead Ruptor 24: The most powerful and efficient bead mill on the market. The Bead Ruptor 24 bead mill homogenizer gives scientists the ability to rapidly homogenize the most challenging samples including bone, skin and hair, in seconds


LH96, the world’s first stand-alone Automated Sample Prep Platform, is introduced. The LH96 enables walk away processing of up to 96 samples by combining the tedious steps of liquid handling, weighing and homogenizing into one time saving device.


First Prep96 automated robotic homogenizer is introduced, enabling high speed autonomous homogenizing.

The Bead Ruptor 12 is added to the Omni lineup.


Bead Ruptor 4 is introduced.


SBS processing is added to the Prep96. Homogenizing can now be seamlessly added to other workflow devices, such as the Hamilton Nimbus and STAR.


Omni International homogenizers are used in research institutions, pharmaceutical and contract labs and biotechnology organizations worldwide. The company’s dedication to making homogenizing easy and offering unparalleled support is ever-present as it continues to innovate in an effort to advance scientific research.

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