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Level Up Your Lab with Omni's Bead Ruptors:
Precision, Power, and Performance

From Small-Scale Studies to High-Throughput Research – Find Your Match and Make an Impact

Experience unmatched power, efficiency, and precision with Omni’s range of Bead Ruptors. Whether you’re a small research lab or a high-throughput commercial facility, our line of Bead Ruptors – the 4, 12, Elite, and 96 – offers tailored solutions for every need. Every Omni Bead Ruptor blends power, user-centricity, innovation, reliability, and versatility that's just right for your specific requirements.

Why Choose Omni Bead Ruptors?

Our Bead Ruptors are not simply homogenizers; they embody the promise of quality, power, efficiency, and reliability. With a solution for every scale, every sample type, and every throughput requirement, Omni’s Bead Ruptors are designed to propel your work forward.

And for the budget savvy, while Omni Bead Ruptors are the most powerful homogenizers in the market, they require no maintenance, meaning each investment in an OMNI solution equals lower total cost of ownership for you.

Explore our range of homogenizers, find your fit, and step into the future of homogenization.


Bead Ruptor 12

Bead Ruptor 12:

Versatility on Tap

Ideal for: Diverse sample types, mid-volume labs.

Throughput: Designed for medium throughput needs, accommodating up to 12 samples.

Highlight: The Bead Ruptor 12 shines in its versatility, handling a wide range of sample types. It’s perfect for labs requiring power, flexibility and consistency for moderate sample volumes.

Bead Ruptor 24

Bead Ruptor 24:


Ideal for: High-throughput labs, most complex and tough samples.

Throughput: Accommodates up to 24 x 2 mL samples.

Highlight: The Bead Ruptor 24 offers high throughput operation and is capable of homogenizing most sample types. It utilizes the same patented 3 dimensional tube motion as the Elite but features a fixed 2 mL Tube Carriage.

Increased batch size - 24 x 24 mL samples. Touch screen.

Bead Ruptor Elite

Bead Ruptor Elite:

The Industry’s Most Powerful Homogenizer

Ideal for: High-throughput labs, complex and tough samples.

Throughput: Exceptional for high-volume processing, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Highlight: For labs aiming high in throughput without compromising on power and quality, the Bead Ruptor Elite is the pinnacle of homogenization excellence. Its robust design and advanced technology make it ideal for the most challenging samples.

Bead Ruptor 96

Bead Ruptor 96:

Versatility at its Best

Ideal for: High-throughput, diverse applications including cryo-milling.

Throughput: Exceptional, capable of processing up to 384 samples per cycle.

Highlight: The Bead Ruptor 96 redefines versatility in homogenization. It’s your all-in-one solution for traditional milling, cryo-milling, and handling various sample containers. From dry grinding grains to dissociating complex materials like plastics and cannabis products, the Bead Ruptor 96 does it all with precision and efficiency. Ideal for labs needing a robust, high-throughput solution that adapts to diverse requirements.

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