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Omni Tissue Homogenizer (TH) - 220v


Omni Tissue Homogenizer (TH) - 220v


Omni Tissue Homogenizer (TH

The redesigned Omni TH is a powerful Tissue Homogenizer designed to handle a wide range of laboratory samples from 0.2 mL to 100 mL in volume. The TH can usually process a tissue sample in less than 30 seconds and is compatible with a wide variety of generator probes for flexibility in application requirements.
The Omni TH will accommodate a wide range of lab applications such as tissue homogenization, emulsions and suspensions, cell disruption, protein extraction and medical research. It is lightweight enough to be hand-held and can also be mounted to a motor stand for lengthier processing.


Save Time and Money with Omni Tip™ Plastic Homogenizer Probes!

Omni Tip Homogenizing Kits include everything you need to homogenize

  • Ideal for PCR, RNA, and DNA sample preparation along with environmental, pharmaceutical, microbiological research and soft or hard (frozen) tissue analysis
  • Omni Tips™ are economical and can be disposed of after use or autoclaved up to 7 times
  • No need to order multiple items, everything is contained in one package
  • Omni TH Motor has a variable speed controller that allows for speeds of 5,000 to 35,000 rpm
  • Kits are also available with 5mm, 7mm, or 10mm stainless steel generator probes for more fibrous/tough samples

The Complete Tissue Homogenizer (TH) Package Includes:

  • Tissue Homogenizer (TH)
  • 5x75mm Flat Bottom (Fine) Stainless Steel generator probe
  • 7x95mm Saw Tooth (Fine) Stainless Steel generator probe
  • 10x95mm Saw Tooth (Fine) Stainless Steel generator probe
  • Cross Rod
  • Motor Stand Assembly
Note: Generator Probes, Sealed Chamber Assemblies, and Omni Tip™ Plastic Probes are sold separately.

Ordering Informaiton: Includes 125 watt motor, stand clamp, tool kit and instruction manual.

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