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Omni Sonic Ruptor 400 Ultrasonic Homogenizer


Omni Sonic Ruptor 400 Ultrasonic Homogenizer


Sonic Ruptor 400

Ultrasonic Homogenizer


The Sonic Ruptor 400 is a complete sonication system that offers precision engineering and a complete set of accessories to accommodate a wide array of applications. The sonicator system features a powerful 400 watt power supply capable of particle size reduction in volumes up to 1 L. The Sonic Ruptor 400 enables full amplitude control from 0-100% and is compatible with sonicator horns ranging from 1/8" to 1".

The sonication system is used for popular applications including nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell disruption and homogenization. The Sonic Ruptor 400 is capable of creating an emulsion down to 1/100 of a micron.


High Power with automatic tuning and wide range of accessories

  • Variable power to 400 watts
  • Process 250 µl to 1 L
  • Automatic tuning for easy interchange of probe tips
  • Pulse mode power allows samples to be processed while limiting temperature rise
  • Integrated timer and adjustable power
  • Wide range of accessories including sound abatement chambers and continuous flow chambers


Note:  Processing tips, stand assembly and accessories sold separately.

Ordering Information:  Unit includes 400 watt control unit, transducer, tool kit and instruction manual.

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