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Our History

Omni History of Innovation

Since 1956, with the debut of the Omni Mixer, the name Omni has been synonymous with laboratory homogenizers. In 1985, Omni International’s founder, Karl Jahn, a former engineering and marketing manager for Dupont Corporation, purchased the Omni Mixer from Dupont with the vision to create a company focused on innovating homogenization technology. Karl Jahn continues to serve as President of Omni International with an entrepreneurial spirit that has taken Omni from its early roots in rotor-stator technology to the largest homogenizer manufacturer in the United States.

Over the years Omni International has grown to manufacture a broad range of laboratory homogenizers. In 1992, Omni introduced the first disposable generator probe, the Omni TipTM, allowing scientist, for the first time to eliminate cross-contamination during the homogenization process. Omni’s innovations in rotor-stator homogenization technology have also included the development of the first battery operated and programmable laboratory homogenizers.

In 2010, Omni launched two groundbreaking homogenizer technologies. The Bead Ruptor 24 bead mill homogenizer gave scientists the ability to rapidly homogenize the most challenging samples including bone, skin, and hair.  Building on its predecessor, the Omni Prep, the Liquid Handling and Homogenizer Workstation LH96 allowed laboratories to automate the tedious task of sample weighing, liquid handling, and homogenization.

Today, Omni International homogenizers are used in research institutions, pharmaceutical and contract labs and biotechnology organizations worldwide. The company’s dedication to making homogenizing easy and offering unparalleled support is ever-present as it continues to innovate in an effort to advance scientific research.

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