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Omni International provides a wide range of rotor-stator homogenizers that are ideally suited for wastewater processing.

The Omni Micro Homogenizer is a portable battery powered homogenizer that is well suited for processing samples up to 100 mL in a remote laboratory setting. Powered by at 12-volt lithium ion battery the Omni Micro Homogenizer is capable of processing numerous samples and producing a repeatable homogenate. When coupled with disposable Omni Tip generator probes cross-contamination can be completely eliminated.

For wastewater preparation requiring increased sample volumes, the Omni General Laboratory Homogenizer (GLH) is capable of homogenizing viscous samples in volumes up to 5 L.

The analysis of wastewater is of critical importance to ensure water quality for domestic use and as a quality control measure for production purposes. As the wastewater contains large amounts of both small and large particulates the samples often require homogenization prior to downstream analyses.