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From Sample Prep to Sonication: A ChIP-Seq Analysis Workflow from Various Tissues Using the OMNI Bead Ruptor Elite™ Bead Mill Homogenizer and PIXUL™ Multi-Sample Sonicator




Gabriella Ryan

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19-042E Bead Ruptor Elite 19-648 2 mL Reinforced Tubes with Screw Caps & Silicone O-Rings 27-7005 5 mm Stainless Steel Beads Bulk 325 g PIXUL™ Multi-Sample Sonicator AbFlex® Histone H3K9ac Antibody Next Gen DNA Library Kit
Traditional methods of tissue homogenization have limitations such as sample loss and low amounts of cells being available, which in turn yields a low amount of starting material that can make some experiments impossible. With such limitations from small amounts of starting material and difficult-to-process samples, consistency in data and consistency in experiments is more important than ever. High quality tissue homogenization and consistent shearing is pivotal to generate data. Herein, we demonstrate a robust workflow for ChIP-Seq sample preparation and analysis from clinically relevant tissue types using the Bead Ruptor Elite™ Bead Mill Homogenizer to dissociate tissues and the PIXUL™ Multi- Sample Sonicator for ChIP-Seq sample preparation.
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