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SKU 22-012

12 mm Omni Tip Hybrid Probe (Stainless Steel & Plastic)

Pack Size: 1 Pack

12 mm Omni Tip Hybrid Probe (Stainless Steel & Plastic)


12 mm Omni Tip™ Hybrid Probe (Stainless Steel & Plastic)

The new 12 mm Omni Tip Hybrid Homogenizer Probes combine the convenience of disposable plastic probes with the durability of traditional stainless steel probes.

Hybrid homogenizer probes are made up of an outer stainless steel tube with an inner Ultem plastic shaft. The plastic shafts can either be disposed of after use or cleaned and reused multiple times. The simple three-piece design makes these probes much easier to clean and disassemble than traditional stainless steel homogenizer probes.

Omni Tip Hybrid Probes are ideal for applications where chemical compatibility issues are a factor. Our Hybrid Probes are compatible with most chemical compounds including trizol, chloroform, and phenol.

Requires the use of A1000SB Omni Tip Adapter for use with the Omni Tissue Homogenizer (TH)

Ordering Information: Includes one 12 mm x 110 mm Probe, two replacement shafts, and one cleaning brush and probe cap.

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