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SKU 09-A11-050

BioMasher: Single Use Homogenizer 1.5 mL Tubes with O-Ring

Pack Size: 60 Pack

BioMasher: Single Use Homogenizer 1.5 mL Tubes with O-Ring

BioMasher 1.5 mL with O-Ring

The BioMasher Single User Homogenizer is an ideal solution for extracting proteins and nucleic acids from soft tissues and cells where the sample to sample cross-contamination is a concern. The BioMasher consists of a 1.5 mL microtube, 80-145 µm filter, and homogenizer.

The sample is placed inside the filter then homogenized using the disposable homogenizer probe. The microtube is then centrifuged to filter away solid particulate. The filter is removed to access the homogenate in the bottom of the microtube.

The O-Ring enables a tighter seal to be achieved between the homogenizer and the microtube wall thus ensuring that harder samples can be processed.




Product Features

  • Ideal for nucleic acid and protein extraction
  • Eliminates cross contamination
  • Consist of homogenizer, filter and microtube
  • Autoclavable for sterile applications
Ordering Information: Includes 60 microtubes, homogenizers with O-Rings and filters
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