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Lyse the toughest samples in seconds

The Bead Ruptor family are the most advanced and easy to use bead mill homogenizers available. They are specifically designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenizing biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

  • Wide range of accessories for any sample size up to - 24 x 0.5 mL, 24 x 1.5 mL, 24 x 2 mL, 12 x 7 mL, 3 x 15 mL, 6 x 30 mL, 3 x 50 mL, or 96-well strip well tubes.

  • No cool down required between runs: process hundreds of samples per day

  • Convenient front loading design, 99 programmable memory settings, and multilingual user interface

  • Ideal homogenizer for extraction of DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules

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Meet The Bead Mill Family

Bead Ruptor 24 Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead Ruptor 24 Homogenizer

The Bead Ruptor 24 is the most powerful bead mill homogenizer available. Compatible with sample volumes from 25 µl to 50 mL and can process up to 24 samples per run.

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Bead Ruptor 12 Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead Ruptor 12 Homogenizer

The Bead Ruptor 12 is part of the newest generation of bead mill homogenizers. This economical system is specifically designed for homogenizing up to 16 samples in volume from 25ul to 7ml

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Bead Ruptor 4 Bead Mill Homogenizer

Bead Ruptor 4 Homogenizer

The Bead Ruptor 4 is built upon the innovative design and unsurpassed quality of Omni's Bead Ruptor family. The Bead Ruptor 4 provides powerful performance in a compact design and process samples from 25ul to 7ml.

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“I am very pleased with the performance of the Omni Bead Ruptor. It was one of the first items on my lab start-up list. The superior efficiency and uniform homogenization from sample to sample are well worth the investment.”

Author: Jason C. O'Connor, Ph.D. Department of Pharmacology, The University of Texas Health Science Center

“Ease of use - Very easy to use and program. The only downfall is that the plates can be hard to unscrew. After sales care - Omni representatives are very responsive and kind. Value for money - We do not regret purchasing the instrument but, we wish the consumables were more reasonably priced. Overall a great instrument. It took some trial and error to find the right settings for the tissues we process, but after you figure it out, you are golden.”

Application area: analyze parent compound in tissue samples Author: Nicole Haste
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